Impianti Robotizzati per il Cartone Ondulato


Robotic palletiser for multi point gluer lines PAL MPG

  • Fully automatic and simple to use
  • Load formed on pallet or base sheet
  • Touch screen display allowing up to 60 patterns and data to be stored
  • Base and tie sheet placed by robot
  • Modem connection to enable on-line support
  • Optional independent base and tie sheet device to increase productivity
  • Optional automatic pallet feeder
  • Option mechanical gripper for special or un-strapped bundles
  • Ability to palletise two slower speed MPG lines at the same time
  • Flexible configuration to suit most factory layouts

Robotic Palletizer for Multi Point Gluer lines Unstrapped bundles

  • All kind of unstrapped
  • Perfect stack
  • Possibility to square the stack on one side or both sides

Robotic Palletizer for two Multi Point Gluer lines

  • Flexibility
  • Economic
  • Little space needed
  • Full automatic
  • With or without pallet

Robotic Palletizer for Bahmueller MPG line

  • Flexibility
  • High capacity of production
  • Full automatic
  • Perfect quality of the finish load
  • Less risks of down=me due at the use of two robots
  • Less costs of maintenance